Wednesday, May 17, 2017

etta (26 weeks old)

At 26 weeks / 6 months old, Etta weighs 16 lb 9 oz (58%), is 26.77" tall (82%) and has a head circumference of 42.5cm (57%). She is sleeping leaps and bounds better (!!) still thanks to this book. In addition to her other foods, she has tried strawberry and pear and liked both just fine. Etta LOVES solid food and is definitely in her element when eating (so proud). Her rank of favorite people/things goes: jumperoo, Elden, eating, Edith, being outside, me, etc. (sorry Jon). We are doing baby-led weaning with Etta (more about that here, as well as the book we used to guide us) and it is going very well. Etta is a very happy little girl and brings us so much joy!

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