Friday, May 5, 2017

five on friday

 {1} Our house is so close to being finished! All that needs to be sided is the back. We are also talking about ways to add a little snazz back to the second level because we are worried it looks a little plain. I've been toying around with shutters on Picmonkey to see how they would look (this is the direction we are leaning towards) but we're also trying to figure out if there is a way we can get window boxes to work.

 {2} It's no secret around here that four is a challenging age for us. Lately, we have been particularly discouraged by some of the choices Elden has made (defiance, yelling, not sharing, etc.) so when Elden's teacher emailed me the other day to tell me how well he handled a little boy in his class taking a toy he had been playing with... well, I cried. A lot. It gives me hope that we aren't screwing him up and that beneath that strong will is a tender heart.

 {3} Edith is my little spitfire. She will slam her head into a corner and pop up to declare "I'm okay!" within seconds. She wants to be just like Elden which often means she tries to boss Elden around. This girl is going to be a leader, I can just feel it. 

{4} Miss Etta has been going to town on banana, sweet potato and cucumber lately. She loves to eat real food and be part of the action at the dinner table and has 0 patience for you taking time to prepare her food because she wants it now. The past couple of nights have only involved two wake-ups. I was also prescribed medication by my OBGYN to try to increase my milk supply so we can eliminate formula if things go well. Time will tell!

{5} I've been super discouraged by the lack of female empowerment material available to Christian women, especially ones that relate to marriage. This has been a topic of conversation between Jon and I for about a year now and I have finally had enough. I decided to reach out to Jon's classmate, Avery, to see if she would be willing to write something with me to help fill the gap. I firmly believe if you are writing any sort of Christian literature you should either personally be trained (i.e. have taken a college program) in Bible/theology or you should bring someone on board who is. Avery and I both believe that a big part of the reason women have been oppressed in religion (historically) is because people do not know how to interpret the Bible but think they do. I am here to humbly say I do not have the training to confidently interpret the Bible. Avery does. I am very very excited about this project.

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  1. That project sounds very interesting! People interpret the Bible in their own ways, and some interpretations have definitely caused a lack of respect for women. In addition, I think it can be stressful for the husband if he is supposed to be the perfect, god-like king of the household all the time.