Friday, May 12, 2017

five on friday

{1} Thank you to those of you who commented on this post talking about whether or not I was going to leave blogging. I did some digging and found this blog printing service that allows you to print to pdf for less than $9. I can then save up to have them binded at a place like Office Max (or just keep the electronic version) so I don't break the bank! I ordered years 2011-2016 this morning so I can think about scaling back on the blog in terms of photos and whatnot. I may also start a separate private blog strictly for documenting the kids' lives for my own purposes (oooorrrrr just start a Google doc to make my life easier). I still haven't decided quite what this space will look like, but I am glad that losing everything I've written is no longer a concern.

{2} #whentoddlersselfie is probably my favorite cell phone find. A lot of the time Elden will ask to see my phone so he can ask Siri to show him pictures of {insert Power Rangers toys, Transformers toys, deep sea creatures, spooky shadows, etc. here}. I usually will find several of these once he is done with my phone. Cracks me up every time.

{3} Today is the 5-year anniversary of my Master's degree graduation ceremony. I was in my third trimester with Elden and as soon as I got my diploma I exited stage right because mama had to pee something fierce. I then texted my parents / sister / Jon to meet me out front because why sit through the rest of the ceremony when we could leave after the main event?! 

be gone, you!
{4} GARAGE SALES. It is no secret I have been wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle and that I feel downright drowned in all the clutter. Next week is our community yard sale and I AM SO EXCITED. We already sold a huge extension ladder (or we will today, so long as the buyer shows up) that was taking up a ton of space in our garage. and we have oodles of things to sell next week. Anything that doesn't sell is getting donated because I do not want it to cross the threshold into my home ever again. 

{5} Rock hens. Sometimes I get sucked into the world of Etsy. This particular whirlwind helped me to stumble upon my newest favorite art form. I am presently eyeing the "ass kicken chicken." I can't make this stuff up - I am legitimately in love. Look at these family shadow boxes! I die!

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