Thursday, May 4, 2017

inkly app review (and a free card!)

I recently had the opportunity to send a card through Inkly and let me tell you - I am hooked! Inkly is an app you download on your phone then completely customize a greeting card. The best part? They send it for you (via snail mail)!

Once the app was installed it was a totally easy and seamless process. In a nutshell, you:

1. Choose your card:

2. Add a photo to your card:

3. Add a handwritten (!!) message. This is probably one of my favorite parts of this service - you literally write out your message, take a photo of it, crop it, and your handwriting is in the card. 

4. Choose the recipient address, what time frame you would like it to arrive, and if you'd like to add a gift to go along with it:

Once that is all selected, you pay for it and you are done! I know the $4.46 might seem a bit steep to some, but it seems like most greeting cards you buy from the store are in the $3-$5 price range anyway. The fact that these are so customizable, personal, and get purchased and mailed with minimal effort makes the price comparable, if not better, to me. The user interface on this app is SO easy to follow so this will likely become my go-to when I mail a greeting card. If you haven't had a chance to try this service I definitely recommend it!

The best part? You can choose your first card for free - just pay postage! So download the app and give it a shot today!

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