Thursday, May 11, 2017

on letting go of blogging

I recently read an article that has me--for lack of a better term--shook. It focused on how predators take photos of children that can be easily Photoshopped and then trade them around.

I'm not sure about you, but the thought of my kids' photos being manipulated for the sexual gratification of others makes me want to hide them away for all eternity.

My Facebook and Instagram pages are already locked down. I realized - what good does that do if anyone can still access a multitude of their photos on my blog?

I had also been forcing myself to try to post every day in an effort to monetize this blog just enough to pay for itself (there is an annual domain fee and then a monthly photo storage fee; all together it probably costs me somewhere around $46-$50 per year to keep it running).

Suddenly, I no longer enjoyed blogging all that much. I still love this space to document the kids' lives since a scrapbooker I am not. But for now, the fate of this blog is yet to be decided. I haven't forced myself to write anything this week besides Etta's weekly post. I feel so free. I've been in bed by 9:08 pm the past two nights and that has done my body great.

For now I have a few choices:
1. Privatize the blog so that only approved readers can access it; then I have the ability to keep the kids' photos on lockdown.
2. Stop blogging and delete this blog all together.
3. Strictly limit the amount of photos I include of the kids but blog about them / life anyway.
4. Act like everything is fine and continue on my merry little way.

I can tell you right now I will not be doing 4. I'm leaning towards 3, or a combination of 1-3. I know there are services where you can turn your blog into a scrapbook and I really don't want to lose all the photos of my pregnancies and the kids (this has served as my photo album so far) so I will explore that (but I'm sure it costs quite a bit of money so that may have to wait).


  1. I vote for either 1 or 3! I do understand the concern of the kids' privacy and the time plus $ you put into it as huge factors. I greatly enjoy and feel connected with you reading your blog. Always exciting to see a new post but there is a lot of work that goes into it. Always a fan, Ang

  2. I don't have a good answer for this problem, all I have to say is I would miss reading your blog if you stopped!

  3. Well, that's incredibly disturbing! I always assumed I would stop posting photos at some point when my boys were older. I may have to consider doing that now. Maybe it's a good thing I have so few readers... lol. ;)