Tuesday, May 2, 2017

tuesday outtakes #2

Welcome to the second link-up of Tuesday Outtakes! Mackensey and I host this on the first Tuesday of every month to encourage the blogging community to share the outtakes of their lives. It could be pictures that you took that didn't make the cut for one reason or another, a story about something that didn't go according to plan--whatever you want! I firmly believe that being open with our struggles can not only be a great encouragement to others, but also to ourselves because others can encourage us and offer tips that might help.


Brussels sprouts chips are one of our favorite snacks so I was going to post a little tutorial about how to make them. But then I got caught up in the episode of Friends we were watching and they burned... (we ate them anyway).

Edith is our sweet little middle. She is a spitfire but also so tender. She loves her little sister...
...unless her little sister needs my attention, like when I'm nursing her. I have been trying to find the balance to make sure Edith gets plenty of my time--and I actually think that she probably receives the most non-life-giving related attention out of all three--but it never seems to be enough. I struggle immensely with the guilt of not being able to give them all hours and hours of attention. I'm hoping it gets easier, but in the meantime I am just doing the best I can.

Join us with your April Outtakes!


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  1. Love the honesty here...burning the brussels sprouts while watching Friends is totally something I would do! :) I feel your pain about nursing jealousy. We struggled through that phase too. :\ It definitely gets easier!

  2. Those chips still look good!