Wednesday, June 28, 2017

etta (32 weeks old)

Postpartum depression means I totally failed to take Etta's weekly picture for about a month, but I am learning I need to show myself some grace, especially in this department. Etta is 7.5 months old now. She isn't crawling but will roll to get places. She can sit up mostly unassisted, but she also thinks it's a super fun game to fall back onto you and have you put her upright again. Etta is primarily in 9-12 month clothing. Eating is her happy place and she often kicks her feet excitedly and does a little wiggle from side to side (we call this her happy dance) in her high chair. Etta is pretty consistently sleeping through the night now and we lay her down awake and she drifts off on her own, which is a huge blessing and a major departure from the rock-her-to-sleep-then-ninja-away routine we used to follow. Etta's favorite food seems to be sweet potato and she's liked everything she's tried with the exception of avocado. If you do not get spoon to mouth quickly enough you are sure to be informed of her displeasure in the form of pterodactyl shrieks. Etta loves to be outside so when she gets really cranky we will usually go for a walk to calm her down. She has no teeth which is hugely shocking to us since Elden and Edith both had several by this point. Etta also loves toys and will get bored so we've been switching it up and giving her the older kids' toys to look at and play with. 

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