Friday, June 30, 2017

five on friday

After sharing that post about some of the really bad postpartum depression thoughts I had yesterday, I figured we are overdue for something a bit more lighthearted.

 {1} I picked this up at Aldi yesterday and it is so good. Jon may be vegan now but I could never in a million years give up cheese.

 {2} On my way into work this morning I was greeted with the mother of all rainbows (and it's little brother). I could see the full arch and the colors were so vibrant. I've never been a person who feels like God is speaking to me directly (I always question if it's my thoughts or God's voice), but I couldn't help but see the symbolism and feel really connected to Him in that moment. I'm weathering this PPD storm and He has provided for us during it in the most humbling of ways.

 {3} This guy. He loves to draw and would go through a ream of paper in a day if we let him. He drew this picture of Etta for Aunt Jacqui. He also drew a picture of a bear that was actually really freaking good, especially since he wasn't looking at anything for reference and neither of us have shown him how to draw a bear. Jon thinks Elden will be an author/illustrator when he grows up. Elden tells us he's going to be a Power Ranger. :)

{4} Jon took the kids berry picking at our favorite local farm for red and black raspberries. Now Jon wants to get a black raspberry bush for our yard. I'm more than okay with that!

{5} I somehow managed to snag my company's suite at the Lake Erie Crushers stadium on the fourth of July. It comes with 12 tickets and a food credit, so we are going with our families! I'm so excited to do something different (that is free!) and doesn't require me to clean my house before or after a big gathering. 

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  1. I need that Aldi popcorn!! My favorite snack from a great grocer!

  2. I've always wanted fruit bushes, but I struggle just to keep plants alive. I even struggled with growing herbs. Happy Friday!