Friday, June 9, 2017

friday photos

Things are looking up. In the last week:

-Jon found out he will have an interview with a local grocery store this Friday.
-I realized the medication I had been taking had been causing some pretty hefty depression in me and decided to stop taking it today, which makes me hopeful that I will stop losing weight (down 10 pounds now) and stop feeling so tired.
-We discovered Etta has FPIES to cow's milk and switched her to Aldi's soy formula - which she has been handling really well.
-Edith had her last dance class and Elden had his last preschool class for the summer.

We are hopeful to have lots of fun family time this summer, including a company-sponsored trip to Cedar Point. Otherwise we will do what we can to stick close to home (or the zoo, with our membership) to save money!

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