Thursday, June 1, 2017

long time, no blog

Since I last updated, things have been bleak. The stress of our situation has all but consumed me. I've lost my appetite. I am forcing myself to eat, but even so I am down about 7 pounds in two weeks.

We probably can't get the house listed for about 10 more days, which is perfectly fine by me because I am exhausted and all I seem to do is sleep (did I mention that when I get depressed, sleep is my escape? So I literally fall down as soon as I cross the threshold. Been a great mom lately.) and I can't keep doing things. Jon, as usual, picks up every single area that I've been slacking on. We already have people calling our realtor asking to see our house (it's listed as 'coming soon') which is great but also terrifying and pressure-inducing.

We have no plan. We don't know where we'll end up.We went to one of our top areas yesterday and the houses in our price range--which we expected to be a disaster--actually weren't that bad, so that gave us hope. The only problem is they would make for a tedious commute for me. The other areas that wouldn't be as bad of a commute are far from church and/or have very few available and/or have not as great schools.

We are trying to decide if we can make a three bedroom work because four's in our price range seem like unicorns.

We are trying not to lose our minds.

It is not going well.

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