Monday, July 31, 2017

stitch fix box #2 review

Since I still had T-Mobile credits available, I decided to give Stitch Fix a second try (you can read about my first experience here). This time around my stylist nailed it!

These were my three favorite items:

None of the pictures do these three items justice. The shirt was really flattering (and I LOVED the patterns), the vest was hands down a total winner and the pants were the most comfortable jeans I've ever put on. That being said, the price for these three items would be $194! That is just way out of my financial ballpark. Ironically enough, if I kept all 5 items it would only (only) cost $174 because of the 25% discount. If I had loved the last two shirts (one I hated and one--the one under the vest in the photo above--was okay) I would probably be tempted to get it, but since I know I probably wouldn't wear those last two shirts I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money. I am probably going to keep either the jeans or the shirt,but I haven't decided which yet. In lieu of the vest, I found this one at Costco for a mere $20 and immediately ordered it in gray:
{image source}
The nice thing about this box is that I never in a million years would have tried on the pants or the vest on my own and they were my two favorite items. The jeans were kind of a cross between a legging and a jean, so I'm thinking about trying to get a much more affordable pair of jeggings (hell has apparently frozen over because I swore I would never wear such a thing). My only regret is that I have 3 days to pick what I am going to keep. If I knew I could find comparable jeans for less I would totally send the Stitch Fix ones back, but I can't let go just yet. I have until tomorrow to decide so I keep trying them on and throwing around whether a higher quality pair of jeans like this is worth it. I am eyeing these from Target for $30, but they don't have them in store so I can't try them before I have to send back my items. This is such a hard decision, but if it's the hardest one I have to make then I can consider myself pretty darn lucky.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

8 board games for toddlers and preschoolers

Jon and I really want to try to limit the number of toys the kids get for things like birthdays and Christmas. 90% of the toys they receive they will play with for a few days and never pick it up again. Elden and Edith love to read so we will usually suggest books if someone asks us for gift ideas. However, now that they are a bit older, Elden discovered an old Candyland game in our basement and was obsessed for several weeks. For his fifth birthday, we had the idea to suggest games as a present so the whole family could enjoy it together. My parents got him some games that have already gone over in a huge way and he has more coming. The best part about all the games he got or will be getting soon is that even Edith can play! I thought I'd share them here in case you'd like to get some for your family.

{1} EggedOn: This game uses silicone eggs and a spinner. You fill some of the eggs with water - if you get egged with a watered egg you are out. The spinner has options like pass, egg yourself, egg another, and egg yourself twice. Oh my goodness, this one is such a blast!

{2} Pop the Pig: You roll dice to figure out what color burger to feed the pig. There is a number on the bottom of each and that's the number of times you press on the pig's head after you feed him. Eventually he will pop and whoever pops the pig wins.

{3} Kerplunk: I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with Kerplunk from their own childhoods, but when I saw this Despicable Me version I knew Elden would love it!
{4} Mouse Trap: Once again, this is a classic that I think most people are familiar with. The only thing I'm not excited about with this game is the number of pieces... a lot of our Candyland pieces are missing and I'm worried the same fate will befall Mouse Trap. That being said, I plan on getting a game storage cube of sorts and really enforcing a clean up after you play rule.

{5} Hungry Hungry Hippos: This is one of the cheaper games on the list and is obviously very straightforward to play. Just need to make sure Etta doesn't get her hands on the little marbles!

{6} Rock Em Sock Em Robots: Once again, this is one of the cheaper games. My favorite part? The fact that you can't lose any of the parts!

{7} Toilet Trouble: This is a similar concept to EggedOn - you spin the toilet paper roll, which tells you how many times to flush the handle. Whoever gets sprayed in the face loses.

{8} Candyland: The game that started the obsession. If you can wait until Black Friday, Target usually has this on sale for around $5.

What are some games your family enjoys together?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

etta (36 weeks old)

At 36 weeks old, Etta still doesn't have any teeth. She is primarily in 12M clothing and size 4 diapers. Etta rolls where she wants to be but is also showing an interest in crawling. Etta is very opinionated and dramatic. She is also quite loud when she wants to be. Etta can sit up wonderfully now. She LOVES eating and the only food she hasn't been crazy about is avocado. Etta drinks about 6 ounces of soy formula in her bottles at a time but she also has a sippy cup with water at meal times. She is such a bright spot in our lives and we are so glad she's ours.

Friday, July 28, 2017

five on friday

{1} Homemade falafel. You guys. Jon ended up making homemade falafels for dinner on Wednesday night and it gave me life. Etta was a pretty big fan, too! If you have never experienced the joy that is falafel, make it a priority to find a nice Middle Eastern joint that serves it. You won't be disappointed!

{2} Cuddles with my big guy. Jon had a group bike ride Wednesday night so I let the kids have a sleepover in Edith's room. She woke up early and decided to turn the light on before Elden was awake. Suffice to say, he had a slow moving morning. I crawled onto the mattress for a few minutes to cuddle and when I got up to get ready for work Elden asked me to cuddle for a few more minutes. I happily obliged because I know these moments are fleeting. 

{3} Sally's wedding! Elden and Edith are going to be 'flower fairies' in the ceremony so I did a little online shopping for their outfits. I got Edith this dress and Elden this top and these pants. I want to get Elden some navy suspenders and a gold bow tie as well. There's also the issue of dress shoes... the kids don't own any since they rarely have an occasion to wear them to. I hope to hit up some child resale stores when the wedding gets a bit closer to get a bargain on some!

{4} We watched the movie Storks on Wednesday night and loved it! This song was at the end of the movie and I am in love.

{5} Jon's 30th birthday is in November. He's a really big introvert so a big party isn't really his scene. I asked him what he'd like to do and he said go to the Cleveland Museum of Art and maybe stay at a hotel for the night. I've started looking into accommodations in the area and I'm really excited to plan something for him!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

what's up wednesday

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What we're eating this week:

I made a roast in the slow cooker yesterday with red onions, carrots, and potatoes. Both girls had that for dinner (color me surprised!) while Elden ate potato bacon soup. Jon made himself broccoli and potatoes.

{image source}
Tonight we are making these chickpea gyros.

We will likely have leftovers tomorrow and homemade pizza on Friday! 

What I'm reminiscing about:

Two years ago today was our first full day in our house. Jon had just had hernia surgery so he couldn't help with the move. As such, by the time we got beds set up and some of the necessities unpacked the night before, I didn't have the energy to get groceries. Edith and I went for an early morning drive to bring back breakfast. Since we were in a new town, I had no idea where the closest breakfast place was. We just drove around and stopped at a Get Go gas station with cafe. We had our first breakfast on the deck. It was wonderful.

What I'm loving:

Finding more unexpected selfies on my phone.

Sleepy babes who are so tired they need to take a rest during dinner.

What we've been up to:

Haircuts. Cleaning/party planning for Elden's 5th (!!) birthday.

What I'm dreading:

The end of summer! Elden starts school at the end of August and I can't even believe summer is almost over. I love fall as much as the next girl, but it has been pretty mild this summer so the season just feels short. Fall in Ohio means winter is coming and I am not looking forward to that.

What I'm working on:
Elden wanted a pet for his birthday this year. Deciding what to get him has been a struggle of ridiculous proportions. We've cycled through fish, shrimp, hermit crabs, hamsters and then threw in Power Wheels because I was having a mental breakdown about having to sustain the life of another creature. Especially after this conversation we had with Elden in the car one day:

D: Elden, you know you can't hold a fish, right?
E: Why not?
D: Because they can't be out of the water; they'll die.
E: That's ok! I'll just pet it in the water.
J: No, we can't stick our hands in the water either.
E: That's ok! I'll just put it in a jar and take it places with me.
D&J: No, the fish will have to stay in the fish tank.

In any case, we pretty much told him the only pet he will be receiving from us are shrimp because they are the easiest to care for (and we all know who will actually be doing the caring in this situation). We've been working on getting the tank established and Jon is going to pick the shrimp up this weekend.

What I'm excited about:

Elden's birthday is going to be so fun. We are having his party with his friends at our house in the morning--he requested a PJ party so I am going to have donuts, fruit, and some sort of an egg casserole. In the evening is his family party. We're doing it in our neighborhood pavilion so I won't have to clean up my house after! He's going to have such a good day surrounded by family and friends and there's no greater joy than seeing it on your child's face.

What I'm watching/reading:
I actually started to read a book last month! I admittedly haven't picked it up in a few weeks, but I'm a handful of chapters in and I really do like it. It's a great book that talks about embracing your leadership qualities in the church and how you shouldn't be ashamed of God-given talents in areas that the church often views as masculine. If you've ever struggled with feeling marginalized in the church because you are an outspoken woman, this is the book for you.

As for watching, Jon and I have been binge-watching Friends on Netflix. He never really watched the show and I watched episodes here or there, but we are watching from the beginning. We're somewhere in the 4th season (I think) and loving it. I also want to watch the movie Storks with the kids sometime soon!

What I'm listening to:

I actually haven't really been listening to anything lately. That being said, I totally dig this song:

What I'm wearing:

Skinny jeans, Toms or Chucks, and t-shirts. I've also been eyeing some Rent the Runway dresses for the wedding we are attending in October.

What I'm doing:

Cracking up. Edith has been so funny lately. We were at Target last night and she was hugging every mannequin she encountered. Etta was raging, so I finally urged Edith that we had to leave.
E: But I want to hug those Americans!

This morning she insisted on wearing lip gloss. However, it was just gloss and no pigment so she got upset. I wiped it off and replaced it with lipstick and she was a happy camper. Not long after, she realized I was getting ready for work. She looks at me with a sheepish grin and says, "I LOVE work!" - the kids always ask to come to work with me but I tell them no because it's boring so Edith figured if she could convince me she loved it I would take her. Can't blame a girl for trying!

What I'm looking forward to next month:

There is a pretty big change coming to my life that has been a year and a half or so in the making. Nothing is official yet, but it should be within the next week or so. Look for info on that soon :) (No, I am not pregnant)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

reasons my toddler is crying

Elden and Edith were both overdue for a haircut. Jon always cuts Elden's hair and has really mastered it at this point. All the times we've ever cut Edith's hair we butchered it. The last time was so bad that I swore up and down that we would only have professionals do it henceforth.

Last night, we decided it was haircut night. Edith and I headed to the mall for a date while Elden stayed back with Jon. Edith is awesome at sitting still for things like this and handled it like a champ.
Elden looked pretty dashing, too.

So what's the problem? Why would Edith cry? This morning, right when she woke up she checked herself out in the mirror. "Oh. Yep. Need a haircut!" When I pointed out she just had a haircut last night she looked skeptical. And then Elden came out of his room. Cue waterworks. "But Elden still has a haiiiiiiircuuuuuuut!" I'm pretty sure she doesn't notice a difference in her hair even though they took off a good 1-2 inches. Perhaps her next cut will be a pixie one...

Monday, July 24, 2017


I can't believe it's nearly August. I'm usually ready for all things fall by this point, but that is so not the case this year. It seems like it just turned into summer and now I am staring down back to school and pumpkin spice which is all fine and well except fall means winter and winter means dread. But! We still have over a month until preschool starts up again and weekends like this one make me so happy.

Friday after work, Jon made pizza and the kids played in the sprinkler while I got everything ready for Saturday. Pizza Fridays are pretty much my favorite because it gives us leftovers for the week, it's pizza, etc. I have my eyes on this bad boy because the only thing better than pizza is pizza that doesn't require my entire house to be heated up three million degrees to be cooked.

On Saturday, we went to Cedar Point with my company. We left Etta with my parents and headed out bright and early. Except it wasn't bright... it was super rainy and we were so worried we would all be miserable. I prayed for a cloud-parting miracle the entire hour drive out and guess what? It barely drizzled the entire time we were there! The weather was actually quite comfortable. We hit up a rollercoaster first and Elden hated it. He was so scared and I felt terrible for suggesting it. Edith, being the firecracker she is, loved every second of it and proceeded to point out all the big coasters the rest of the day to inform us that when she is bigger she will ride it. Elden's sweet spot turned out to be the really fast spinning rides. I learned I am getting older and really fast spinning rides make me want to vomit.

We headed to the pavilion for lunch. Elden's favorite part was the ice cream. 
After lunch, we rode a few more rides. Around 2 pm we decided to head over to the fountain area they have so the kids could play in it before leaving for the day. A final carousel ride, oversized lollipops, and we departed around 3. Both kids fell asleep on the way to get Etta so that was nice. We returned to a glowing report (she napped! And didn't cry! And ate like a little piggy!), had dinner, then headed home. Unfortunately, I had left Etta's sound machine at my parent's house but some improvising and one promised sleepover in Edith's room later and we pilfered Elden's for Etta's room for the night. 
Sunday morning we went to church, then we had lunch. After naps/quiet time, we headed to Jon's parent's house. They watched the kids while we stole away for a date. If you ask me, there are few things in life better than Middle Eastern food and grocery store runs without kids.
Jon asked me if I would have dated him had he been vegan when we met. I told him I wasn't sure, and I countered with the same question. He couldn't really answer it either and we couldn't decide if that was super depressing or just a fact of life. I never would have thought this would be a topic we would be discussing when we got married, and even though his veganism makes me batty a lot of the time, I am still so grateful that he's the person I ended up with.

Friday, July 21, 2017

five on friday

{1} Pool days! As part of our HOA, we have access to an amazing in-ground pool and kiddie pool. Now that we know Etta likes it, we've been heading over in the evenings after dinner as a family. It's an awesome way to break up the witching hour(s) that fall after dinner and spend time as a family. Plus, it's super refreshing on these 90-degree days.

{2} Happy baby. Etta's happiest place continues to be her high chair. The dinner she's wearing in this picture is black beans and rice. We realized Etta was getting sick of the same ole stuff we had been giving her so we are trying to mix it up a bit. Since she can't have dairy that can be a real challenge, so any and all baby-led weaning suggestions that are dairy-free are welcome!

{3} Edith's personality. This girl is always cracking us up. On this particular day, she was wearing a dress. My mom brought some new clothes for the kids and this outfit was one of the items, which Edith quickly insisted on wearing. As soon as she was dressed she had to test out the skirt with some twirls. Love her so much.

{4} Parades! Our town's homecoming parade was this week and the kids made out like bandits. Between the candy from the 4th of July parade and the candy they collected at this one, we are set until Halloween.

{5} Cedar Point. This weekend is my work's annual picnic at Cedar Point. My parents are watching Etta while we take Elden and Edith. I'm really excited because this year they are both tall enough to ride two of the 'big' rollercoasters and I know it's going to blow their minds. 

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