Sunday, July 30, 2017

8 board games for toddlers and preschoolers

Jon and I really want to try to limit the number of toys the kids get for things like birthdays and Christmas. 90% of the toys they receive they will play with for a few days and never pick it up again. Elden and Edith love to read so we will usually suggest books if someone asks us for gift ideas. However, now that they are a bit older, Elden discovered an old Candyland game in our basement and was obsessed for several weeks. For his fifth birthday, we had the idea to suggest games as a present so the whole family could enjoy it together. My parents got him some games that have already gone over in a huge way and he has more coming. The best part about all the games he got or will be getting soon is that even Edith can play! I thought I'd share them here in case you'd like to get some for your family.

{1} EggedOn: This game uses silicone eggs and a spinner. You fill some of the eggs with water - if you get egged with a watered egg you are out. The spinner has options like pass, egg yourself, egg another, and egg yourself twice. Oh my goodness, this one is such a blast!

{2} Pop the Pig: You roll dice to figure out what color burger to feed the pig. There is a number on the bottom of each and that's the number of times you press on the pig's head after you feed him. Eventually he will pop and whoever pops the pig wins.

{3} Kerplunk: I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with Kerplunk from their own childhoods, but when I saw this Despicable Me version I knew Elden would love it!
{4} Mouse Trap: Once again, this is a classic that I think most people are familiar with. The only thing I'm not excited about with this game is the number of pieces... a lot of our Candyland pieces are missing and I'm worried the same fate will befall Mouse Trap. That being said, I plan on getting a game storage cube of sorts and really enforcing a clean up after you play rule.

{5} Hungry Hungry Hippos: This is one of the cheaper games on the list and is obviously very straightforward to play. Just need to make sure Etta doesn't get her hands on the little marbles!

{6} Rock Em Sock Em Robots: Once again, this is one of the cheaper games. My favorite part? The fact that you can't lose any of the parts!

{7} Toilet Trouble: This is a similar concept to EggedOn - you spin the toilet paper roll, which tells you how many times to flush the handle. Whoever gets sprayed in the face loses.

{8} Candyland: The game that started the obsession. If you can wait until Black Friday, Target usually has this on sale for around $5.

What are some games your family enjoys together?


  1. Those are some fun games! We love trouble, uno, phase 10, and yahtzee in our house.

  2. My oldest is definitely into board games right now. We will have to try some of these. He's currently loving Guess Who and Connect 4!