Tuesday, July 18, 2017

edith at 2.75 years old

This morning while I was getting ready, Edith begged me to let her play with my makeup. I realized I absolutely wanted to remember this stage so here we are!
Edith cracks us up regularly. She is the most fearless/tough girly girl you will ever meet. Edith is constantly changing her outfit and greatly prefers dresses (or swimsuits) to any other form of clothing. Even though Edith is tough, she is also very empathetic. She was recently watching My Little Pony and in the episode one of the ponies' friends were acting like they didn't like her (they were planning her a surprise party) so she was sad, and Edith legit started to cry. It was so sweet and heartbreaking!
Edith is really intelligent and that has come back to bite us in the butt. She loves to swim. She sings herself to sleep. She is easily my worst eater in the sense that she eats like a bird, but she is also much more willing to try new things. Edith has requested a Disney princess party for her 3rd birthday and that came as 0 surprise since she lives in her dress-up costumes. She is also my little hoarder...she loves to tuck a billion random objects into purses, buckets, lunch boxes, etc. and cart them around. She loves to play kitchen so if we are able to find all her play food (which is hidden among her many purses and containers) she will happily 'cook' for you. I love her so much!

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