Saturday, July 8, 2017

etta (33 weeks old)

At 33 weeks old, Etta is sitting up on her own now. She doesn't show much of an interest in crawling and when you try to show her how she cracks up. Etta is primarily in 12 month clothes and some of those are getting a bit snug. She still loves food! I'm not sure whether I mentioned it, but she has the same allergy that Elden had as a baby, except instead of rice, her allergy is to dairy. As such, she's on soy formula. Thankfully, Aldi has soy formula for half the price as all the other brands so it hasn't broken the bank! Etta still has no teeth, but to be perfectly honest I am soaking up every second of her gummy smiles and don't mind the lack of chompers one bit. She does a happy dance when you sing to her, even if she is grouchy. Etta brings such joy!

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