Friday, July 28, 2017

five on friday

{1} Homemade falafel. You guys. Jon ended up making homemade falafels for dinner on Wednesday night and it gave me life. Etta was a pretty big fan, too! If you have never experienced the joy that is falafel, make it a priority to find a nice Middle Eastern joint that serves it. You won't be disappointed!

{2} Cuddles with my big guy. Jon had a group bike ride Wednesday night so I let the kids have a sleepover in Edith's room. She woke up early and decided to turn the light on before Elden was awake. Suffice to say, he had a slow moving morning. I crawled onto the mattress for a few minutes to cuddle and when I got up to get ready for work Elden asked me to cuddle for a few more minutes. I happily obliged because I know these moments are fleeting. 

{3} Sally's wedding! Elden and Edith are going to be 'flower fairies' in the ceremony so I did a little online shopping for their outfits. I got Edith this dress and Elden this top and these pants. I want to get Elden some navy suspenders and a gold bow tie as well. There's also the issue of dress shoes... the kids don't own any since they rarely have an occasion to wear them to. I hope to hit up some child resale stores when the wedding gets a bit closer to get a bargain on some!

{4} We watched the movie Storks on Wednesday night and loved it! This song was at the end of the movie and I am in love.

{5} Jon's 30th birthday is in November. He's a really big introvert so a big party isn't really his scene. I asked him what he'd like to do and he said go to the Cleveland Museum of Art and maybe stay at a hotel for the night. I've started looking into accommodations in the area and I'm really excited to plan something for him!


  1. The falafel looks fantastic. Happy Friday!

  2. That is the cutest dress! Hope you have an awesome weekend!