Tuesday, July 25, 2017

reasons my toddler is crying

Elden and Edith were both overdue for a haircut. Jon always cuts Elden's hair and has really mastered it at this point. All the times we've ever cut Edith's hair we butchered it. The last time was so bad that I swore up and down that we would only have professionals do it henceforth.

Last night, we decided it was haircut night. Edith and I headed to the mall for a date while Elden stayed back with Jon. Edith is awesome at sitting still for things like this and handled it like a champ.
Elden looked pretty dashing, too.

So what's the problem? Why would Edith cry? This morning, right when she woke up she checked herself out in the mirror. "Oh. Yep. Need a haircut!" When I pointed out she just had a haircut last night she looked skeptical. And then Elden came out of his room. Cue waterworks. "But Elden still has a haiiiiiiircuuuuuuut!" I'm pretty sure she doesn't notice a difference in her hair even though they took off a good 1-2 inches. Perhaps her next cut will be a pixie one...

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  1. My boys are champs at getting haircuts too! I don't know what I'll do if baby #3 is a girl and she voices her opinions about her hair! Ha. She looks so cute, by the way!