Thursday, July 20, 2017

stitch fix box #1 review

I feel like I'm the last blogger alive to jump into the Stitch Fix craze. If you are unfamiliar, Stitch Fix is a subscription box service where you enter your clothing sizes, fill out a style questionnaire, and create a Pinterest board with styles that you like. A stylist will then use this information to send you five pieces of clothing. You try the clothes on, keep what you like and send back what you don't.

The main reason I hadn't jumped on board yet was because there is a $20 styling fee with each box. That being said, if you keep any items of clothing, that $20 is applied towards the cost of the clothes. Still, I wasn't willing to shell out $20 in the event I didn't like any items. As fate would have it, our cell phones are on the T-Mobile network, which does a promo called T-Mobile Tuesdays every week where you get free stuff just for being part of the network. A few Tuesdays ago, one of the freebies was a $25 credit for Stitch Fix, so I figured why not!?

My box came yesterday, and I have to admit... I was a little underwhelmed. This was somewhat surprising because every blog I read raves about the service!
I had requested mostly tops (I basically wear the same 3-4 shirts every week, and I have plenty of bottoms) and maybe a dress or accessory for Sally's wedding in the fall. My stylist sent me two tops, two dresses and one clutch. I loved the fit of the first shirt, but I wasn't knocked out about the pattern and it cost $58... which I just couldn't bring myself to spend. One of the dresses was knee length but I hated how it laid on my waist. The second dress was a faux wrap dress that seriously took me five minutes to figure out how to even wear it (it's hard to explain how a dress could be so complicated) and once I did wear it my goodies were hanging out in the front (not a dramatization, and truly a sight to behold). The clutch was cute, but I just don't use cute purses enough (function over form, I say). I ended up keeping the second shirt (below).
When you return your items, you provide feedback about why you didn't want to keep it--price, fit, style, etc. The thought is this will help your stylist pick out subsequent items for you and it will get better each time. I still have some credit left, so I'm going to give it one more shot to see if the second box is any better.

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  1. I highly recommend creating a Pinterest board dedicated to Stitch Fix if you haven't already and link that board to your SF profile. That definitely helps! You can also request specific items if you see something you love.