Monday, July 17, 2017


Oh Monday, we meet again.

This weekend was wonderful and full of firsts for Etta! Friday evening was hotter than we expected. After dinner, we decided to head to our neighborhood pool for a little bit. We hadn't taken Etta yet this year because she was just too little. As always, Elden and Edith were little fish... and so was Etta! She loved it and ended up being in the water for about 45 minutes. Jon ultimately left with her because it was time for her bath, but Elden and Edith wanted to keep swimming. No one else was at the pool so I let the kids take off their puddle jumpers and jump off the diving board to me. They loved it. Once we headed home and got the kids in bed, I met up with one of my besties, Alli, for a late dinner.

It was so wonderful catching up and eating delicious food! Alli and I have been friends since 9th grade and always have fun together.


At the beginning of my last PPD episode, we had been driving around because I wasn't really functioning and stumbled across this beach. We let the kids play for about 10 minutes before we had to leave for Etta's bedtime, but promised we would bring them back. So when a friend invited us to go on Saturday morning, we were all in! We packed a picnic lunch and ended up staying for about 2.5 hours. Once again, the kids were in heaven. Etta also loved her first beach experience!

During the kids' naps that afternoon, Jon and his dad went to pick up a new mattress for Edith. That meant her old mattress found its way to her bedroom floor (this is relevant later). After naps, my mom came by. She surprised the kids with these baby hatching chicks and they were a HUGE hit. They've played with them every day since for a substantial amount of time. She also made dirt cups with them.

Since there was a spare mattress in Edith's room, we decided to let the kids attempt a sleepover Saturday night. We fully expected to have to separate them before 9 pm, but they miraculously went to sleep (after Jon laid down the law) and slept through the night! 
Elden begged us for another sleepover last night, but we told him he needed to sleep in his room (they did stay up later than usual and were both pretty cranky on Sunday). I told him if he is a good listener today I will consider letting him sleep in there again tonight. I think bunk beds might be in our future...


Sunday morning was church. Jon mowed the lawn while I napped during the kids' naps. After dinner, Jon's parents came by so he and his dad could go for a bike ride and his mom played with Elden and Edith while I did Etta's nighttime routine. Overall, it was just a perfect weekend--plenty of fun activities but not non-stop running around. I would be happy if every weekend was like that!


  1. Aww sibling camping/sleepovers are the best. I rememver doing that with my sisters in our parents living room. So fun. Glad you had a good weekend and wishing you the best week!

  2. What an awesome, family filled weekend! Refreshes you for the week ahead.