Monday, July 24, 2017


I can't believe it's nearly August. I'm usually ready for all things fall by this point, but that is so not the case this year. It seems like it just turned into summer and now I am staring down back to school and pumpkin spice which is all fine and well except fall means winter and winter means dread. But! We still have over a month until preschool starts up again and weekends like this one make me so happy.

Friday after work, Jon made pizza and the kids played in the sprinkler while I got everything ready for Saturday. Pizza Fridays are pretty much my favorite because it gives us leftovers for the week, it's pizza, etc. I have my eyes on this bad boy because the only thing better than pizza is pizza that doesn't require my entire house to be heated up three million degrees to be cooked.

On Saturday, we went to Cedar Point with my company. We left Etta with my parents and headed out bright and early. Except it wasn't bright... it was super rainy and we were so worried we would all be miserable. I prayed for a cloud-parting miracle the entire hour drive out and guess what? It barely drizzled the entire time we were there! The weather was actually quite comfortable. We hit up a rollercoaster first and Elden hated it. He was so scared and I felt terrible for suggesting it. Edith, being the firecracker she is, loved every second of it and proceeded to point out all the big coasters the rest of the day to inform us that when she is bigger she will ride it. Elden's sweet spot turned out to be the really fast spinning rides. I learned I am getting older and really fast spinning rides make me want to vomit.

We headed to the pavilion for lunch. Elden's favorite part was the ice cream. 
After lunch, we rode a few more rides. Around 2 pm we decided to head over to the fountain area they have so the kids could play in it before leaving for the day. A final carousel ride, oversized lollipops, and we departed around 3. Both kids fell asleep on the way to get Etta so that was nice. We returned to a glowing report (she napped! And didn't cry! And ate like a little piggy!), had dinner, then headed home. Unfortunately, I had left Etta's sound machine at my parent's house but some improvising and one promised sleepover in Edith's room later and we pilfered Elden's for Etta's room for the night. 
Sunday morning we went to church, then we had lunch. After naps/quiet time, we headed to Jon's parent's house. They watched the kids while we stole away for a date. If you ask me, there are few things in life better than Middle Eastern food and grocery store runs without kids.
Jon asked me if I would have dated him had he been vegan when we met. I told him I wasn't sure, and I countered with the same question. He couldn't really answer it either and we couldn't decide if that was super depressing or just a fact of life. I never would have thought this would be a topic we would be discussing when we got married, and even though his veganism makes me batty a lot of the time, I am still so grateful that he's the person I ended up with.

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  1. I have never been awake to do the spinning rides but have always loved roller coasters! So far my oldest is good for both. And grocery shopping without kids is basically a luxury in parenthood! :)