Wednesday, July 12, 2017

what's hap-pining wednesday

As I'm sure you all know, yesterday was free Chick-fil-a day! We have gone every year since Elden was born and even though Jon is a vegan now that didn't stop the rest of us from enjoying some free chicken. ;)
Can we please talk for a second about my 8-month-old? I got Etta the 6 piece grilled nugget meal (since she can't have dairy) with fruit. This child ate 5/6 of the chicken nuggets and all but two strawberries. She could have kept going, too, but I thought there was no way in heck she needed to eat that much. She ate more than Edith! Etta also did her happy dance in the high chair the entire time she was eating so I'm pretty sure she was a fan.
Can we also talk about how Edith has been challenging us in new and exciting (<- sarcasm font) ways? The bigs finished eating much quicker than Etta so Jon went with them in the play area. They got a solid 20-25 minutes of playing in before Etta was done. When it was time to go, Edith scurried up into the play structure and said "I'm not going." I tried all old threats that typically work (I won't lay with you before bed tonight, no TV, no treats) and to each threat she responded, "that's okay!" quite cheerfully. Finally I told her we would leave her there. I took Elden and Etta to the car and Jon left the room the play structure was in and hid behind a beam so she couldn't see him but he could peek in. Edith eventually lost her mind and started to cry and Jon was able to get her to come down. I'm guessing she's scarred for life and she had an early bath, no TV, no milkshake, and I didn't lay with her. It was a rough night for her. I just don't get it! Elden is always relatively easily persuaded with our threats and I can't remember him challenging us quite like that before. She's going to be trouble...

Speaking of Edith, that bug bite got worse. The pediatrician Jon took her to (not our normal one as he had no openings) said she thought it was consistent with a histamine reaction and not a tick bite. But then on Monday night the redness was spreading. Bust out the Sharpie...
Thankfully, it was less red and covered less area as of yesterday so I think she's on the up and up. Poor thing is apparently just crazy allergic to mosquito bites. We will be diligent with bug spray henceforth.

Finally, these are three products I am loving lately:

To be perfectly honest, I could take or leave the mascara. It doesn't clump but I don't necessarily think it make my lashes voluptuous either. Butttt it was on clearance for $2 and I had a gift card so... #priorities. These three makeup items are basically all I wear (unless I'm going to a special event) and therefore it takes about 45 seconds to do my makeup every morning.

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  1. Chick-fil-a = my addiction! haha LOVE it! Sounds like me "using all the old threats" poor mama! I also love Elf products - cannot beat the prices!

  2. Yikes that bug bite!!! So scary!!!