Saturday, August 19, 2017

first big screen movie

Cleveland is home to the second largest theater district outside of NYC. While we can't afford to take the kids often, we really want to expose them to different forms of art as we are able.

We also haven't taken the kids to the movie theater yet. Jon and I aren't huge movie buffs (the last theater experience we had was for Ender's 4 years ago) so it isn't high on our priority list, but we also weren't sure whether the kids could really sit still. Elden also struggles with loud noises sometimes so we weren't certain he would enjoy it.

Last weekend, a friend invited us to Cinema at the Square to see Charlotte's Web. She had free tickets so I figured it was a great way to get our feet wet and see if the kids could handle it.
Elden did great. He fidgeted a lot in his seat, but he remained seated the entire time. He did periodically cover his ears, but it was without drama.

Edith did okay. About halfway through the movie she crawled into my lap where she remained the duration of the movie. She kept saying she wanted it to be over and to go home, but when it actually ended and was time to leave she cried her head off because she wanted to stay. I'm not sure whether she's just a bit too young for a movie or if it was because we skipped nap time to go, but I probably wouldn't take her again for a little while. There is a My Little Pony movie coming out in October that we will probably take them to.

The most interesting part of the experience? Probably when Edith silently handed me something and I inquired what it was. "A booger!" - thanks, kid.

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  1. I'm impressed that did so well! I've always been so chicken to take them. I could take my almost 7 year old but the almost 3 year old... no way!!! Haha. Glad you guys got to go and it wasn't a disaster! Happy Weekend!