Tuesday, August 8, 2017

first time fishing

Elden has been really interested in fishing for the past few months. He had been asking me if we could catch a fish and bring it home to cook it. Here's the thing: Jon is vegan and I hate all food that hails from the water. I have no idea how to cook fish, no less prepare a fresh fish to cook.

For his birthday, he begged for a fishing pole. Jon's parents delivered and this child was SO excited. The pole they got him came with a fake fish that he could use to practice casting. After a few tries, he really had it down. He begged to go fishing the same night he got it, but it was late and we didn't have any hooks. The next day he begged again. We ran to Dick's to get some hooks that evening and when we came home I took Elden and Edith to one of the ponds in our neighborhood.

We didn't have time to catch worms and if I'm being honest I feel so guilty sacrificing a worm by stabbing it with a hook, so we used some ham. We set up shop at the pond and got nary a nibble. After about 15 minutes, we drove to a different pond in our neighborhood. Within a minute or so of the bob hitting the water there was a flurry of activity. Unfortunately (and probably totally unsurprising to the seasoned fisherpeople out there) the ham kept tearing right off the hook so we didn't catch anything. We quickly ran home to retrieve a hot dog and returned to the pond. It didn't take long for my babies to catch some blue gills!
Please note the towel. I am not the most squeamish lady alive, but I know the fins on fish can spike a girl and I'm not down with physical pain. I also haven't fished since I was probably 10 or so, and my mom was the one who unhooked the fish for me. Poor first fish we caught had to suffer while I figured out the mechanics of unhooking it with minimal damage. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not particularly crazy about inflicting physical pain on these guys. I'm greatly looking forward to the day Elden can do this himself so I don't need to be present for the suffering of the fish.

Elden had a blast and was so upset it was time to go home. He keeps asking me when we can go again. Guess I need to invest in more hot dogs...


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