Friday, August 11, 2017

five on friday

{1} Our kids are still fishing machines. Unfortunately, our last foray resulted in catching a lily pad and therefore breaking the hook, sinker and bob free from the line. On the same trip, Elden caught one fish that swallowed the hook. I was freaking out because I saw a pink something in front of the hook and I thought we were certainly ripping its stomach out through its mouth. I may have almost cried. After about a minute of closing my eyes and tugging at the hook, Elden said, "Mom, I think that's just the hot dog [we used as bait]." THANK GOD, the child was right! I was not ripping out the fish innards but was merely peering at the bait we used to catch the fish. Suffice to say, mama may not be able to keep these antics up.

{2} The weather (kind of). It has been unseasonably cool here the past few days. While I do not like the notion that summer is quickly coming to a close, I absolutely love logging into my Nest app and seeing multiple No Usage days. We open the windows at night and close them once it starts warming up so the cooler air gets trapped inside. It's perfect!

{3} Mama shrimp. I shared our exciting news about Big Guy on Wednesday. Jon got this awesome shot where you can see all of the blue eggs in the abdomen.

{4} This dress. Sally's wedding is in just a few months and I had originally planned on getting a dress from Rent the Runway. However, most of the dresses I liked were more expensive than it would have been to just buy a dress, so I had been scouring the net for something for a few weeks. When I saw this one on Zulily, I knew it was the one! Not only did I love the style, but it was cheaper than renting a dress.

{5} These joggers. The only sweat pants I currently own were Jon's that I stole. As such, they are not feminine or form-fitting at all. I've wanted joggers for a long time so when I saw the $10 price tag I snagged them. They came in the mail and they are the softest, most wonderful pants ever! I bought the black pair and have every intention of getting a purple pair also.

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  1. My oldest has recently taken up fishing and handles it so well. He will even take the fish off! He gets frustrated though when he casts and gets caught in a tree or a bush. Ha. And I love love love that dress! Happy Weekend!