Wednesday, August 2, 2017

my mini-me

Edith is such a firecracker. My mom always remarks that she looks crazy similar to me at that age. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm Edith's favorite person. If I am wearing a skirt, she wants to wear a skirt. If I have a dress on, she wants a dress. If I'm wearing pajamas, she wants to wear hers. If I'm in pants... well, that's not going to do and she wants to wear a dress. It's so sweet seeing her watch me get ready in the morning and ask for makeup. I love that she wants to wear her hair like mine. When I cuddle with her at night she always asks me for "this many [holds up five fingers] more minutes." Edith can be a very challenging girl, so those moments of sweetness are so redeeming. I know she isn't always going to like me as much as she does now, so even though she can try my patience I am trying to savor all these little moments with her.

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