Wednesday, August 9, 2017

so our family is expanding...

A little background: Elden got 10 shrimp for his birthday. There was 1 big one (that he promptly named Big Guy) and 9 little ones (that he referred to, collectively, as Little Guys). Why did we get him pet shrimp? Because we are lazy AF and did not want to have to care for something high maintenance. And then... PLOT TWIST:
So now our low maintenance pet is turning into lots of low maintenance pets. At what point does this no longer remain low maintenance?
You know what I learned in the span of 30 minutes thanks to this website? Way more about shrimp reproduction than I ever thought I'd know. Some highlights:
*the pregnant shrimp is sometimes referred to as being "berried," with her eggs acting as the "berries"
*the pregnant shrimp sometimes literally kicks the babies out of her
*shrimp eggs have eyes
*female shrimp are usually larger than males (should have been our first clue about Big Guy)
*for a creature named for its small size, male shrimp "appendages" are shockingly large

So now we wait and see. One thing I did not learn is the gestation period for shrimp. Just kidding, I just searched that and the answer is 20-40 days. 

So within two months, I'm gonna be a grandma.

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