Thursday, August 24, 2017

updated beauty routine

Much to my dismay, I recently realized I was aging. I also realized that I was probably supposed to change my beauty routine to be more proactive against things like wrinkles. Along the same vein, ever since having Etta, my skin would break out like crazy at specific points during the month thanks to hormone changes. Despite my lack of beauty knowledge, I was aware that Korean beauty products are amazing and all the rage right now. Thankfully, Ulta had a whole Korean section on their website. I spent a fair amount of time reading about the different products and combing through their reviews to find what was most likely to work for me. Since it has been 4 years (!!) since I wrote my 5-minute beauty post, I figured I'd update here.

The great news is I still take a very small amount of time to get ready on a typical morning. My beauty routine is as follows:

At night:
1. Take a shower. I still use and love this shampoo and conditioner set. My fine hair was a hot mess near the end of my pregnancy with Etta and was always greasy no matter what I did. This stuff saved me a lot of headaches!
2. Wash my face with this face wash. My skin is very sensitive and dries out easily and this stuff does a good enough job of cleansing without drying me out.
3. After my shower, I use this blackhead power liquid. Multiple reviews pointed out that it really helped reduce hormonal acne so I decided it would be a good fit. I've been using it for over a week and haven't dried out from it! So far, so good.
4. Let my hair air dry.

In the morning:
Before I started my morning routine. This girl is usually right there watching / participating.
1. Wash my face with this face wash. Once again, it leaves my skin feeling fresh without drying me out.
2. Moisturize with this moisturizer. It dries after about a minute and leaves my skin dewy.
3. Use this powder, this lip gloss, and this mascara.
This picture has the undereye concealer on my left eye (so the right one in the photo) but not on my right eye.
Of note: if I used eye liner/shadow during the day, I use these face wipes to remove the eye makeup prior to my shower. Also, if I have particularly heinous dark circles under my eyes, I will use this concealer to help cover them.
All done!
If you haven't ever signed up for the Ulta rewards program, you can do so for free. If you use this referral link, you will get $10 off your $30 purchase. Even if you don't buy anything I recommend signing up because you get a free gift on your birthday. Last year it was an Urban Decay shadow similar to this and it was full size - so a $21 value for free!

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