Monday, August 7, 2017

weekending (elden's 5th birthday)

I ended up taking Thursday and Friday off work since Elden turned 5 on Thursday. I originally only planned on taking Friday off, but Elden asked me on Wednesday if I was going to work on his birthday and got sad when I told him yes. Can't argue with that sweet face!

When Elden first woke up there were some balloons waiting for him. We opened presents (his shrimp were his main gift but I picked up a couple things for him--mainly his handcuffs he had been begging for--to open the day of.) We also got Edith a few Dollar Tree gifts so she wouldn't feel left out.
One game we got the kids was Tugie - it was a huge hit! Elden and Edith are both way better at it than Jon and me.
With her clip-on earrings I swear she looks 12.
After breakfast, we ended up taking the kids to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We were a little nervous because Elden did NOT sleep well the night prior so we thought we would certainly experience some big meltdowns. I've never been so happy to be wrong! We had a great day at the zoo and the kids ate McDonald's while we were there (we told Elden we could go out to a restaurant for his birthday and he insisted on McDonald's... sigh). We headed over to the Rainforest briefly before heading home for Etta's bottle and naps.

After dinner, we headed to the grocery store so he could pick out a cupcake. Both kids chose vanilla cupcakes so we headed home to enjoy them. At bedtime, we let them have a sleepover. Instead of having it in Edith's room, we managed to squeeze the mattress into Elden's room and Edith slept on that.

Friday was relatively low-key. Jon and I needed to party prep and the kids had dentist appointments. Both did an excellent job! Edith got x-rays and the tech was shocked that she cooperated so well for them.

Saturday was the big day! Elden had his friend pajama party from 9:30-11. You guys? This was awesome! Since it didn't really fall at breakfast or lunch, I didn't feel like I needed to provide a feast. I got donuts and donut holes, made an egg casserole, Jon made banana bread, and Jon's parents brought fruit. It was SO easy and stress-free! We set up the kids' bounce house in the front yard and set out these slap bracelets and these masks for the kids to decorate in the house. I also blew up a few balloons for the inside of the house. Pretty sure Etta was the biggest fan of the balloons!
Elden had a really hard time. He does not like being the center of attention and struggles with big groups of people. I had warned him that he might not enjoy a big party but he insisted. He hid up in his room a lot of it and when it was time to open gifts he wanted to do it under his comforter so no one could see. I ended up opening them for him while he hid in my lap. Once gifts were opened he did a little better and set up his new Lego set with a few friends. I'm thinking this was the last big friend party for him, at least until he's a bit older and more self-aware.
Once all his friends left, we had lunch and did nap/quiet time. After that it was time for our family party! We headed to our neighborhood pavilion to grill out and have the Oreo ice cream cake Elden had picked out at Aldi a few weeks prior. Elden was very patient about waiting to open gifts and our family spoiled him to bits.
I ended up walking Etta home to do her bedtime and everyone stayed back for another hour or so. Elden practiced casting with his new fishing pole while Edith danced and performed for everyone. Elden told me it was his best birthday ever. :) It ended up being an awesome weekend celebrating him and I am so glad he enjoyed himself.

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  1. Such a great birthday celebration and that cake looks amazing!!

  2. Aww I like your shy-boy story. He sounds so precious.

    1. He is so sweet! He is my sensitive kiddo for sure!