Monday, September 18, 2017

DIY clothespin picture frame for wedding guest book

Since I am on the DIY train, I figured I'd share the other project I did for my friend's wedding. They are doing a photobooth / guestbook combination using these little instant cameras and she really wanted a large frame for guests to hang their photos on. I set to work (with the help of many!) to cut down some old fence posts I had.

Unfortunately, I didn't take steps of the process. My fence boards were too wide for my liking so they needed to be cut down to 4" using a table saw. (Humongous thanks to my friend Alli's boyfriend, Chad, for serving as my saw operator on this and for both of them allowing me to storm their home last minute late at night to utilize their power tools! I love you!). We then cut 45-degree angles where the four boards would come together.

To join the boards together, I used two of these corner braces on the back on each corner.

To attach the twine, I just measured every 4" on the inside of the frame and made a mark where I hammered a nail in. I tied the twine around the nail and glued it with wood glue to make sure it wouldn't fall off easily. I used these clothespins and they really had the rustic vibe I was going for--plus they were the perfect size! Between Alli, Chad, and Jon, I had a lot of help for this one but I was so happy to see it come to life. I can't wait to see everyone's photos on it at the wedding!

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