Friday, September 1, 2017

five on friday

September!? That in and of itself isn't so surprising, but what is surprising is the weather here. It isn't even supposed to hit 70 today! Leaves are starting to change! I am not prepared. I've never seen an episode of Game of Thrones in my life but I am privy to some of the catch phrases and all I can think of is winter is coming and it elicits terror in my heart.


{1} My family reconnected with distant cousins of ours who live in Germany over a decade ago. The story of our families is actually pretty interesting so I am planning on doing a little interview with my grandma to make sure I get all the details right. I haven't seen them since I was in middle school but they came for a visit a few weeks ago so we got to spend some wonderful quality time together! Edith kept calling them "the Germies" and Elden was so sad when they left - especially Vivi. Now we just need to get over there for a visit!

{2} Sigh. I restarted Weight Watchers because - as has been my experience with all my children - once I stop breastfeeding I notice the scale slowly climbing up. It was a spur of the moment decision yesterday just before lunch but since I had already packed my lunch that didn't leave many low-calorie options for dinner. I ended up making a salad with a little feta, roasted pepitas and sesame seeds, and avocado with this dressing. It was actually pretty great! If you've never had a salad with roasted pepitas and sesame seeds on it I HIGHLY recommend.

{3} This one has a BIG personality. Jon and Elden went to the library last night and I had a Walmart grocery pickup scheduled at the same time. Edith is not one to be away from me if she doesn't have to, so we made it a girls trip to the store. Jon asked me to run in and check for some local apples that had been on sale for $0.68 a pound, so we did. Please note that Edith is very specific about what she wants to wear. Even though it was chilly she insisted on a tank top dress. As we were getting out of the car she grabbed this hat, put it on, and informed me it was so her hair didn't get cold. Love this kid.

{4} I was trying to make the grocery stop a quick one because we were approaching Etta's bedtime and she had a rough day in terms of naps. As we were walking towards the registers Edith yells, "but I want to look at those clotheses!" and darted over to the intimates section. She promptly walked up to a display of bras (which, when I informed her they were called bras- she kept calling them "brases" and I was dying) and informed me that "these breast straps are for mom!"

{5} I'm working on a small project for my friend's wedding. I am reusing old fence posts that are quite weathered but I wanted to frame them out with some nice trim. Since I didn't have anything weathered I enlisted the kids to help me beat some new trim up with rocks and I have started 'staining' it with balsamic vinegar. So far so good! I want to do a few more coats to really darken it up. Huge shout out to Alli and Chris for helping me cut all the wood!

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  1. I totally need to remember that this time around I must stop eating for two when I stop feeding two!! I do like WW though. It's been a good tool for me in the past! You can do it!

  2. Yes, you need to plan a family trip to Germany! I also have family history in Germany and took my oldest daughter for her high school senior trip (graduation gift)! It was amazing!

  3. That's so neat that you can dye wood with Balsamic vinegar! I have never heard that before!