Friday, September 8, 2017

five on friday

{1} Elden figured out how to blow bubbles yesterday! He had been asking us how and trying to figure it out for ages. While we were grocery shopping he managed to figure it out and blew bubbles nonstop the duration of our time at the store. So proud!

{2} I attempted my first ever vegan baking foray yesterday by making these vegan red velvet crinkle cookies. Honestly? They were okay. Elden liked them and I was indifferent to them. Edith and Jon were not fans. They made the house smell great though!

{3} Our kids are always obsessed with dressing up. Jon's parents brought Edith this Batgirl costume earlier this week. She wore it to Target and was a happy little camper.

{4} ...and of course, Elden received this skeleton costume that he also wore to Target.

{5} We finally got a new kitchen table set! We chose this one from Overstock. Jon spent a few hours assembling the chairs. When it came time to assemble the table, we took it out of the box to find this huge chip and some scratches on the table top. I am waiting to hear from Overstock how they will resolve this issue. Right now it is listed as out of stock on their website. We are praying we don't have to take the time to dis-assemble all the chairs and that they can just replace the table top. 

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  1. I remember those days of shopping with superheroes and characters and all three of my boys were over the moon when they finally discovered how to blow bubbles. So cute!! Hopefully the table issue will be resolved quickly!

  2. Vegan baking can be very hit or miss. I've tried a lot that were just okay - and some that were terrible.