Friday, September 15, 2017

get qurious review

I am a biomedical engineer and obviously have a passion for science. I am also not artistic in the least (Jon 100% dominates that arena) so when it comes to fun hands-on activities with the kids I usually serve as a helper or observer. Elden is definitely my artistic little guy--last year his teacher had to limit her class' access to paper because Elden would tear through a whole ream in a few days--but lately he has shown a major interest in science and doing "experiments." When Get Qurious reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try their Explorer Box, I jumped at the opportunity.  

In a nutshell, Get Qurious utilizes an augmented reality app with physical game pieces that encourages curiosity and imaginative play. It is designed with kids ages 4-8 in mind and you do need iOS v10 (or above) for the app.

Each Explorer box includes 16 build a story cards, 16 build a spaceship cards, 4 role-playing masks and 4 treasure hunt worlds.
The kids immediately gravitated towards the build a story cards. To use this portion of the app, you take a photo of the different specified object (a person, a problem, a planet, etc.) and it will change the story.
Once you have completed the storyboard, the app will play back the story for you with animations and narration.
Edith was definitely a little young for this box, but even she managed to work the story portion of the app.
The box contains treasure hunt worlds where you color in a map and take a photo of it to take you to the appropriate world.
 There are treasures hidden throughout the 3D world that you need to find.
 A third section of the app contains masks where you can record your voice and you become the character whose mask you are wearing.
The last section lets you build a space ship that will change based on which cards you pick. We didn't even get to this section the night we opened the box because the kids were so enthralled with building their stories. 

Elden absolutely loved the box. I loved how interactive it was. If you're interested in trying it, you can order a free Get Qurious mask play kit (seriously - no shipping, the app is free and the mask is free) by clicking here. The folks at Get Qurious are also developing an Ocean Adventure Box and if you know my boy at all you know he is obsessed with all things ocean. I can't wait for it to come out so we can give it a shot!

Note: we received the Explorer Box free of charge in exchange for a honest review of the product. All opinions expressed are my own.

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