Tuesday, September 5, 2017

glorious weekend

This weekend was perfection. The weather was nice - we had what was likely our last day of 2017 in the 80's yesterday - the kids were in mostly good moods, and we had a ton of family time.

Elden and Edith had begged to try sleeping over Jon's parent's house, so Friday night was the night! Realizing that we would only have Etta, I quickly arranged to drop her off at my parent's house so Jon and I could go on a date. We had a Yard House gift card to cash in and it is relatively close to my parent's house.
After work I headed home, then we dropped the big kids off at my in-law's, dropped Etta off at my parent's, and headed to the restaurant. I got chicken lettuce wraps and Jon got a vegan rice bowl. After dinner we headed to Trader Joe's (we rarely go due to proximity and I love perusing the aisles to see what fun items they have) then to my mom's work to pick up her iPad that she had left. After getting Etta, we headed to my friend, Alli's, house. Alli was able to resize and re-plate my wedding and engagement rings so I could wear them again! I haven't worn them in probably a year and a half because I have a nickel allergy and they were making my skin react. I was so happy to get them back on my finger!
Miraculously, Elden and Edith spent the entire night away! This is huge and was the first successful night away from us ever (except for one time Elden slept at my parent's when I was pregnant with Edith). I cannot wait for more sleepovers so that Jon and I can get an overnight break.

On Saturday at 3 am, one of my best friends, Sam, texted another amazing friend, Kristina, and me to see if either of us could come over. Sam was very pregnant and both she and her husband's families live in California. They have three other kiddos so Kristina and I volunteered to hang out with the kids while Sam had her baby. Unfortunately, Sam lives about 30ish minutes from me so I knew I wouldn't be able to get there quickly. Kristina was able to so I headed over around 8:30 Saturday morning to relieve her. After Jon got the kids from his parents he brought them down so we could all play.
Baby Jonathan arrived around 7 am and David came home around 1 to get the kids to meet him so we headed home. At lunch, I decided to use the tomatoes we grew to make bruschetta and it was heavenly. 
I also made this Weight Watchers recipe and it was pretty good! I didn't add any actual beef to it and it was still great.
After dinner we ran to Aldi. It was chilly so we made sure Etta was warm.

Since Saturday was kind of crazy we decided to skip church on Sunday. I made the kids pancakes. Edith was very upset that I could not cook and hold her at the same time. She insisted I take a photo of her sadness.
I drank coffee and eventually got ready. 
I also decided to try avocado toast for the first time ever.
Honestly? I don't get the obsession. I love avocado, but this was just meh to me. I added lemon and lime juice, as well as salt and pepper. It was good but it wasn't something that I would eat at any and every opportunity. I guess I'm millenialing wrong. Sunday afternoon we headed to a cookout at our church. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect for it.

On Labor Day, Jon's parents came over to see the kids. I indulged on some vegan TJ's chocolate:
This chocolate was only $1 and each wedge is just 1 WW's point! One of our awesome neighbors invited us to a cookout at her house so went there for lunch. After lunch, my parents came over to take Elden and Edith to the neighborhood pool. I can't believe it's closed for the year now! When it was time for dinner, I begged Jon to make tofu lettuce wraps. We used tofu, mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots, green onions (for me) and brown rice (for him). We also used this sauce to cook it in. Totally hit the spot! I'm not 100% sure of the point value of this meal, but since the only oil used was 1 tsp of sesame oil, I can't imagine they were particularly high in points.
After dinner we headed outside. Knowing it was likely the last warm day of the year, we wanted to soak it all up. At one point I looked down and saw this and wanted to cry:
I'm not prepared for fall! We ended up putting the kids to bed early because they had sleepovers every night (with each other Saturday and Sunday nights) and skipped naps to go to the pool. Jon and I binge-watched Friends. We are officially on the last season! I need recommendations of shows to watch once we finish this!

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