Wednesday, September 20, 2017

new dining set

After we assembled all six chairs of our Overstock dining set, we got to the table to realize it was pretty damaged. Overstock was out of stock (irony) so they couldn't replace it and we decided just to return the whole thing.

The timing was impeccable, though, because Target was having a 15% off furniture sale. We ended up buying this table and these chairs and the total cost was less than the Overstock set. As an added bonus, the table is solid wood so we could refinish it down the line when it is inevitably scratched up. When the furniture arrived, it was also infinitely easier to assemble than the Overstock set had been. All together it took us about 30 minutes to set up the table and chairs.

We went from this:
...a stained chairs / scratched, clouded and beat up table... to this:
The table is bigger and now we actually have enough chairs to accommodate our entire family. We are really happy with the purchase and the style fits the overall vibe of the kitchen and living room really well.

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