Saturday, September 16, 2017

spaghetti baby

If I've learned anything about Etta's personality over the past ten months, it is that she knows exactly what she wants and she gets very unhappy with you if you do not figure it out at lightning speed.

She had been struggling with meal times lately and rejecting basically everything we would offer her. Jon speculated it was because she was sick of people feeding her and she wanted to do it herself.

Well, he ain't wrong.

 Spaghetti night was a yuuuuge hit. The biggest. Better than any other dinner ever.
Etta ate more food than Edith. She was so content to feed herself and as an added bonus I was able to feed myself before mine was cold. Her highchair needed to be hosed off (literally) and it is now permanently stained orange, but Etta ate and was the happiest little peanut ever. Now taking suggestions for dairy-free finger foods.

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  1. So cute! We discovered the same thing with Norah a couple months ago. She LOVES to feed herself with a spoon and eats so much more that way.Its funny how our children teach us what they want and need :)