Thursday, September 28, 2017

to the mom who helped me in the Costco bathroom

Dear Mom in the Costco bathroom,

On Sunday morning I decided to take my kids to Costco to get a couple of items while my husband was away. Once we were done shopping, my oldest daughter told me she had to go to the bathroom. I looked at our full cart and her brother and baby sister and hesitated. How was I going to do this? She still needs help getting onto the toilet.

We first tried the family restroom, but it was occupied. We then moved into the main restroom and I stood in the stall with the door partially closed. Thankfully, she was able to climb up by herself since I had my 10-month-old in my arms. Once it was time to wash her hands, though, she was just a little too short to reach the faucet. You saw me juggling the baby on my hip and trying to simultaneously assist my daughter and asked if you could help me.

I said yes and you lifted my older daughter up so she could successfully wash her hands.

What you didn't know is that just a few months ago, being alone with my three kids was enough to make me want to run away and never return. Postpartum depression had stolen my joy and my ability to handle the simplest tasks--like taking care of my kids. If I had even considered trying to take them out by myself--because I knew that situations like the one I found myself in would be enough to render me useless--I would crawl into bed and not leave it all day. This trip was my first outing with all three kids by myself since things were really bad, and I was nervous about how it would go. Could I actually handle it? What if someone had a meltdown? Had to use the restroom?

Your kindness meant so much. I'm sure I could have figured it out if you hadn't offered to help, but you saw me struggling and you did something about it. Even though you didn't know me, you acted as my village in that bathroom. It's amazing what a small gesture can do to help someone who might be struggling more than is apparent on the surface. Thank you for making our morning smoother. Thank you for helping.


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