Monday, September 25, 2017

weekend recap

Oh my goodness! We had such a great (and hot) weekend. I can't believe it's been much hotter now that it's fall than when it was still summer!

After I got home from work, we decided to pack a picnic dinner and head to a local reservoir to play in the sand with friends.
Naturally, ice cream was in order.

On Saturday morning, I took Elden and Edith to get my driver's license renewed. They did pretty well (with the exception of when Elden loudly announced to the room of 15+ other patrons that he wanted to sell his little sister) so I rewarded them with Dunkin Donuts. After the BMV, we got ready and headed downtown to the Cleveland History Center with my parents and Jon's parents. We had tickets for free admission from the Smithsonian Museum Day Live and decided to check it out. They had a bunch of different hands-on play areas for the kids, as well as a gorgeous indoor carousel that we got free admission to as part of our ticket!
We ate our packed lunches outside in the courtyard then headed home for nap and quiet time. After dinner, both sets of parents came over to watch a movie with Elden and Edith so Jon and I could steal away for our neighborhood happy hour.
While there, I tried this moscato for the first time and it is officially my new favorite.  It was a really nice night to hang out in the pavilion and eat tons of appetizers and drink free wine.

Jon had to work sound at church yesterday but all three kids had at least some level of a runny nose so I decided to keep them home. I did a bunch of cleaning, made dinner in the slow cooker, and a ton of laundry. I am trying to get the house sparkling clean before we leave for Atlanta because there is nothing better than returning from a trip to an immaculate house. We ran to Costco for some essentials but otherwise laid pretty low. I took a nap when the kids did. After dinner, Jon and Etta ran to Home Depot and I took Elden and Edith fishing. Please note Edith's outfit of choice: cowboy boots and a sparkly twirly skirt.
Once Etta was in bed, I made dairy-free pancakes for the freezer. She is a very finicky eater--she gets tired of the same foods--so feeding her can be frustrating. I also prepped the meal we are bringing friends of ours who welcomed a new baby and made this vegan chocolate chip cookie dough (which I plan on baking today). You guys, I cannot emphasize to you enough how delicious these cookies are. My mom made them and OMG. We all devoured them. Hands down the best vegan dessert recipe I've had so far. We use Kirkland chocolate chips from Costco because they're vegan, but we also noticed Trader Joe's has many affordable dairy-free chocolate chips, too!

It was definitely a great weekend. I'm glad it got warmer out but I daresay it's a bit too hot. I wouldn't be complaining if we could go to our neighborhood pool in this 90-degree weather, but since it is closed that's cramping our style!

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  1. What a great weekend! I love moscato, and now I need to look for that sparkling one you tried. Have a good week!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven