Tuesday, September 19, 2017


This weekend was amazing! Friday night was low key. Jon put together our new bunk bed that we managed to snag when it was on sale for $89. Elden and Edith had a sleepover in it Friday night and were totally in love with it.

Saturday morning was Edith's first dance class of the season.
This was also her first dance class without me participating. It was okay--she really struggled with me in the room and when I left the room she freaked out. I brought her out to have a discussion (she could either participate with me right outside or we could stop taking dance classes) so she asked to go back in where she participated probably 75% of the time (the other 25% was spent lying on the floor covering her face). 

Saturday afternoon my friend, Alli, came over to meet Pip and hang out. We ended up going to Ulta to return a few items I had ordered online that I wasn't crazy about. We brought Elden and Edith at their request and...
...they got into the sample products. Please note Edith's foundation hobo goatee. 

I ended up buying this lipstick and this eye shadow palette. I gotta say--I am crazy impressed with the lipstick. It is pricey but I put it on before church yesterday and after breakfast, coffee, lunch and a nap it still looked like I had just applied it. 

Sunday morning we went to church. After church we had to return some items to Gap so we brought our lunches and ate after the service then headed to the local mall to make the return / let the kids play in the play area. The rest of the day was spent visiting with my mom and Jon's parents. 

We also noticed that Pip and Etta are very similar--whenever the fridge or dishwasher are open, both of them will make a beeline for them. It's so funny to see them both trying to climb in at the same time!

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