Tuesday, October 10, 2017

atlanta recap (day 2)

We had a pretty rough night on Thursday - Etta was up multiple times. We figured out it was because it was too cold for her so we were able to remedy that issue for Friday, but I was wiped on Friday morning when the kids got up. Jon let me sleep until 8 (he's a saint) so he and his parents hung out with the kids and made breakfast while I dozed.

We had bought Georgia Aquarium tickets for 10 am Friday. This has been on my bucket list since I saw a viral video of the whale sharks there years ago. Let me tell you - this was worth every single penny it cost us. The aquarium was much larger than we imagined, the exhibits were all absolutely gorgeous, and where else will you ever see a whale shark up close like that?
These giggles:
We watched the whale sharks and manta rays eat and the dolphin show as well. When it was time for lunch we were so excited to see there were plenty of vegan/dairy-free options for Jon and Etta.
 The kids were excited about these Dippin Dots.
As we left the aquarium there was a security robot in the parking garage. The kids lost their minds and to this day insist that was their favorite part of the whole trip. If you want to see video of the aquarium visit my Instagram page - I have several up.

Once we got home we laid the kids down. At 3 pm we headed to the venue with Elden and Edith for the rehearsal. After that we headed back to the house until the welcome party at Ecco which turned into an awesome date night for Jon and me. This was amazing - they shut down the restaurant for the party. There was an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, and a full meal. Oh my goodness, the food was all amazing. They even made Jon a special bowl of vegan pasta that he said was amazing! It was so much fun and left us so excited for the next day!

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