Wednesday, October 11, 2017

atlanta recap (day 3)

Saturday was the big day! We didn't need to be at the venue until 4:30 so we had a pretty laid back morning. We ate breakfast at the house then headed to Bartaco for lunch. IT WAS SO GOOD. The kids had roasted chicken (Etta/Elden) and a cheese quesadilla (Edith). Jon had a falafel and cauliflower taco. I had a chicken and cauliflower taco. We shared plantains, chips and salsa and chips and guac. We got to eat outside on their patio and it was a really enjoyable experience. I definitely recommend this restaurant!
After lunch we packed up as much stuff as we could knowing we had an early departure again the next morning and got ready for the wedding!
 These two were hamming it up for the professional photographer so I'm thinking she got some pretty great shots of them.
 When it was time for the ceremony, Elden and Edith successfully walked down the aisle!
They were super cute (obviously) and the rest of the ceremony was so beautiful. Sally and Sharm make a wonderful couple - their love radiated through the entire event.
Cocktail hour followed the ceremony. They had a station where you could have a trucker hat airbrushed! The kids were super obsessed with their Princess and Pokemon hats.
The dinner had a southern station and an Indian station so there was something for everyone to eat. All Edith wanted to do was dance.
The kids danced their faces off after dinner and partook in the ice cream sundae bar.
There are lots of videos of them dancing on my Instagram. We got to spend time with loved ones we rarely get to see. It was an amazing night and they were devastated when it was time to leave. 

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  1. I've been to events at other places, but this was my first time in here. Great venue NYC. Food was good and seating was very comfortable. Also, very good view from where I sat. This is such a cool venue and the atmosphere was equally amazing.