Thursday, October 12, 2017

atlanta recap (day 4)

When we had gotten to Atlanta, it took us approximately 2 hours to get from the airplane gate to our rental. Granted, we had moved at a leisurely pace since we didn't have to be anywhere that day and we were unfamiliar with the airport--but that made me nervous for getting back to the airport on Sunday. Thankfully, our friend Morgan said if we gave ourselves 3 hours it should be more than sufficient to get where we needed to on time and she was right!

Jon and I woke up around 5:15 Sunday morning to finish packing and eat breakfast. We got the kids up at 5:45ish to get them dressed and fed something. By 6 am we had left the rental and were on our way.

We managed to drop the rental car off and get through security/to our gate within about an hour and fifteen minutes of leaving the rental. I took Elden and Edith to Starbucks to get food. Once we got back to the gate we ate and hung out until it was time to board.
Etta was pretty unhappy to be back in her carseat so I ended up holding her for most of the flight - during which she was a happy little girl. As we prepared to land she fell asleep in her seat.
Once we landed we grabbed the shuttle back to the van. Edith fell asleep driving home and once we arrived the kids were ecstatic to see the cats. The feeling was mutual.
It is so good to be home. I took Monday off as well because it was my birthday and I love having a day to unpack, meal prep, and lay low after a whirlwind trip. I am definitely going to be sharing tips for making flying with three under six as manageable as possible soon because I got several tips from a message board that made this trip a breeze all things considered. 

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