Monday, October 16, 2017

bathroom makeover on a budget

We haven't done anything major to our house (except our living room makeover, which involved replacing flooring, painting, and adding crown molding--which I briefly blogged about here) aside from painting since we moved in. I think I had some residual PTSD from the multitude of our first house projects, especially as we scrambled to list it once I got my new (current) job. Having babies or being heavily pregnant also didn't help much along the way, but now that our youngest is nearing that one year milestone birthday I find myself itching to do projects.

This is what the kid's bathroom looked like when we moved in:
The shower is in pristine condition and I am 99% sure it's a bath fitter shower. Here is our inspiration photo of what we'd like the bathroom to look like:
Since we do not have a lot of money to throw at projects like this, we decided to try to paint the laminate counter, vanity and walls instead of replacing the vanity. We hope to replace the faucet and light fixture because the light is not centered over the mirror. I also want to frame out the mirror. For now the flooring will stay as is because money, but perhaps eventually we will be able to replace that also. For the fixtures we are going with a brushed nickel because that's what the towel and toilet paper holders are already.

Over the weekend, I started painting the counters using this tutorial. Depending on how this goes, I will likely attempt to paint the half bath laminate counter eventually too. In order to get all the counter I had to remove the mirror...
Check out that wallpaper! After the first two coats of primer:
And after the first coat of paint (we used Polar Bear for the color):
Here are the colors we chose for the vanity (dark) and walls (light):
We got sample sizes for the counters and vanity to save money since we don't need much, and a quart for the walls. I'm going to use the leftover primer to paint the walls first. I think I'm also going to do the same Polar Bear color on the trim and doors as right now they are a pinkish beige. For the faucet I like this or this and for the light fixture I like this, but I still need to get the Jon seal of approval / figure out how to center the light fixture. I'm excited to have a refreshed looking bathroom for relatively cheap!

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