Thursday, October 26, 2017

bathroom update progress

So you know that episode of Boy Meets World where Cory paints his and Topanga's apartment yellow because he got a great deal on the paint?
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... I'm getting ahead of myself.

As of last update, we had painted part of the vanity and the counter. We ended up disliking the white on the counter next to the sink bowl because they were different shades. Since then, we decided to try the light gray we had originally intended for the walls on the counter. And I loved it!

 So on Tuesday night I decided to go ahead and paint the walls while Jon worked more on the vanity doors. Remembering we had bought a can of white oops paint for the kitchen back when we thought we were going to move (but we ended up not liking the white on the walls down there and painted them the same blue as the living room... and also not moving) I was like BAM. I am a money-saving genius.

I got to it and it didn't take me long to realize that the white oops paint was actually more of a gray oops paint.

A gray that happened to match the gray I had just painted the counter with.
Too stubborn to go back (a counter takes a lot less time to repaint than a room), I sent an SOS out to a few girlfriends and finished painting the walls. One of them suggested the following furniture-inspired look for the counters:
And I gotta say, I like where her head is at! We are going to try to paint the counter the same color as the vanity and see how we like it. Worst case scenario, we choose a different color for the case scenario, I don't have to pay more money for more paint and I retain my money-saving genius title.

I still need to paint the trim/doors, figure out if I am going to try to repaint or replace the linen closet and entry door knobs, replace the light fixture (I have a DIY pendant light game plan that I hope isn't a disaster), replace the faucet, hang the mirror and frame it out (or perhaps try to thrift a new mirror), and I'd really like to re-tile the floor (but I need to convince Jon first). I also have grandiose plans of building these shelves over the toilet but that is super low on my priority list right now.

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