Tuesday, October 10, 2017

etta (47 weeks old)

So many firsts this week! Etta's first tooth finally broke through! By the looks of it, there are at least 5 more (4 on top and one on bottom) on their way in. There's also the first airplane trip/vacation. Also, last night Etta took her first unassisted steps! The most she got were 3 before falling, but she is letting go and trying to cruise on her own so I'm guessing she'll master it in no time. This week was also Etta's first wedding. Last but not least, last night was the first night without her pacifier and she did great! So much stuff packed into such a short amount of time and I suddenly feel like my baby is growing at rapid pace. Etta still loves food and seems to be outgrowing her stranger anxiety. She even smiled at a guy on the airplane! I can't believe she'll be one in a month.

Etta's first steps:

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