Saturday, October 14, 2017

first movie at the theater

Even though I took Elden and Edith to see Charlotte's Web at Playhouse Square a few months ago, we had yet to take them to a movie theater. That changed on Monday when we took them to see the new My Little Pony movie.
...I promise Elden was excited. "I just don't want to smile."

We had purchased them candy at Aldi but naturally they wanted a little something when we got in. One $4 box of Nerds and one $6 (!!) small popcorn later and we were in our seats.
The kids loved the movie and surprisingly Elden was the wiggly one--I think he was just so excited about the whole situation that he was super fidgety. In the scheme of children's movies it definitely wasn't awful for us to sit through. There were only two other people in the theater--a girl about ten and a man that accompanied her and he was absolutely dying throughout the film. Jon and I were confused because it really was not that funny at all. Extra curious was the fact that he didn't laugh at any of the parts that we laughed at. Not sure what the deal was with that whole situation but it was an otherwise uneventful visit.

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