Friday, October 6, 2017

five on friday

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{1} These cameras. Elden and Edith are always stealing my phone to take photos and video. Elden also mentioned wanting an underwater camera for the pool. We decided to get them each their own for their big Christmas gifts from us this year. I had originally considered these but the ones we bought them had higher resolution and were cheaper.

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{2} Sugar Cookie coffee creamer is my absolute favorite so I was really excited to see it back on Walmart's shelves!

{3} Speaking of Walmart, I finally realized that there was a separate app for Walmart Grocery! I was so confused because in my grocery pickup email confirmations it said to navigate to the app to check in when you leave and for the life of me I couldn't figure out where this mysterious check in feature was. Alas, I was in the wrong app. Now I understand the hype - previously I had to call the number and sit in my car for 15 minutes until they brought the stuff out. Never again!

{4} This little lass is still dairy-free but had her first taste of Mitchell's raspberry sorbet the other day. She was definitely a fan.

{5} We tried Elden's wedding clothes on him the other night to make sure they still fit since he grows like a weed and we bought them a month ago.  Everything was good (especially once my mom shortened his suspenders) except now we can't find his freaking bow tie anywhere! It was the perfect color to match the earthy tones of the wedding and it has legit disappeared off the face of the planet. We don't know if Pip took it or if pack rat Edith put it in something or what, but it is just plain gone. Thankfully, the bride is gracious and said one of the red or red/navy bow ties we do have will be fine. We know fully well the sage tie will be the first thing we find when we return home from the wedding. SIgh.

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  1. I am so jealous you have Walmart pick up. I am so hoping this comes to our area soon. I'll have to remember that about the app! Happy Weekend!