Friday, October 20, 2017

five on friday

{1} This fleece. I haven't bought a new winter coat in a few years. The one I own has an outer waterproof shell and a fleece zip up. Since I wear the fleece year round, it was pretty beat up and thinning in a lot of places. I knew I'd likely need a new fleece to keep myself warm this winter so I went ahead and bought this one after reading the reviews. For $25 it was totally worth it! It is really soft, really warm, and I love that it has a hood!

{2} Tomorrow is Edith's third birthday. It's my parent's tradition to take the birthday kiddo to the store to pick out their own gift and get some one-on-one time together. We all thought Edith would take her time analyzing everything before she decided, but naturally she is like her brother and made her choices within one minute. My mom said she kept looking at Ariel and saying, "she's so beautiful!" The best part? As soon as she got home, she was like "but I didn't get a necklace!" Luckily Granny and GrA are going to rectify that situation tomorrow!

{3} The bathroom makeover is trucking along. After painting the vanity we decided we did not like the white counter next to it. We're at a bit of a loss trying to figure out what color to do instead, so if you have any suggestions we're all ears! In the meantime I'm going to switch my focus to painting the walls and trim.

{4} The other day I was drinking a bottle of sparkling apple cider from Aldi when a little someone spotted me. Generally speaking, if Etta sees you eating or drinking anything she will immediately approach you in an attempt to get in on the action. I hurriedly finished the remainder and let her play with the bottle. I think she got a taste - she was very excited.

{5} This is so not a favorite, but a warning. Every time we've had a baby in the house, we would put our hands all over the exterior of the oven when it was on to make sure it wasn't too hot to touch. It never was, so I didn't think anything of Etta playing by it earlier this week while I was making dinner. Well, she was touching it and started screaming. After investigating, we realized that on the underside of the door (where the warming drawer is) if you put your hand upwards there is actually an opening into the door that was burning hot. She burned three of her fingers :( We never would have thought to try to put our hands up and into the door, so I wanted to make others aware to avoid the same fate. Thankfully it could have been so much worse, but it still sucks that she got hurt.

{6} Last night we decorated Edith's birthday cake. Full tutorial can be found here. #nailedit

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