Friday, October 13, 2017

five tips for traveling with three under six

you can see the cart on the left side of the pic
{1} Use a cart to carry car seats! We knew we wanted to take the kid's car seats with us since we would be renting a van and the Radians are FAA-approved for flying. We also knew they are super heavy. Some folks recommended we get a foldable cart and stack Elden and Edith's seats on top of each other with bungees to pull through the airport. As luck would have it, we got one for $20 at Aldi the week before we left for the trip. This cart was perfect--not only did it make taking the seats through the airport a breeze, but it also fit down the aisle of the plane so we were able to wheel it to/from our seats. The cart totally saved our backs!

{2} Use a stroller with a car seat adapter for a baby. Our infant car seat is also FAA-approved. Honestly, I had no idea this was the case until a few days before we left! I had originally planned on taking Etta's Radian. We knew we were going to take our stroller anyway so when we found out we could just use the car seat adapter to click Etta's infant seat in, we were so excited! This definitely made things smoother. Along the same vein, buy each of your kids a seat on the plane. IT IS WORTH THE MONEY. We flew Southwest and the airline was SO family-friendly and wonderful. We will absolutely fly Southwest from now on.

{3} Take a small backpack for each older child on the airplane filled with brand new toys and these little water books. I filled up backpacks for the kids with cheap toys from the dollar store and Michael's that they had never seen. We also got those Water Wow books because you could fill them up in a drinking fountain to be used in the airport. If you've never seen these books before I can't recommend them enough. My friend, Angela, got the kids one when she visited a few months ago and they are obsessed. You paint with water to reveal the colors on the pictures and they are reusable. Once they dry they go back to black and white so the kids can repeat. They're fantastic.

{4} Portable DVD player with these headphones. The thing I like about the headphones is the adapter can actually plug into another pair so we plugged Elden's into Edith's and Edith's into the port on the DVD player, thus eliminating the need for a headphone splitter. As for the DVDs, take them out of their cases and place them in a plastic baggie to help reduce the room they take up in your carry-on.

{5} Bring only the essentials with you on the plane, and if possible, find a gear rental service at your destination to avoid lugging things like a pack n play. We lucked out because Jon's parents drove down--so we sent them with all of our luggage, thus eliminating the need for us to carry all of it into and out of the airport in addition to the circus of children. If this isn't an option for you and you are traveling to a big city, there are many baby gear rental companies now that are surprisingly affordable and will deliver the goods to your rental. I had looked into renting toys, a pack n play and a high chair from Tot Traveler initially, but since my in-laws came with us this ended up not being necessary.

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  1. We have a radian too. It was awesome in the earlier years and lasted for both kids. And I've bought a ticket for my kids as well! Great tips!