Thursday, October 12, 2017

slam dunk kid-friendly dinner

Lately I've been on a kick trying to find homemade meals my kids will actually eat. With a crazy picky preschooler, toddler and dairy-free infant, this is no easy feat. I am constantly Googling "easy meals picky kids will actually eat" and find myself eye-rolling at about 98% of the options because clearly these people do not have picky eaters.

When I found this page I eye rolled a lot, but I decided to try one recipe and I'm here to tell you that last night's dinner was a slam freaking dunk!

We made this slow cooker turkey breast and Jon roasted potatoes in the oven. All three kids devoured it! Elden liked the potatoes because they were crispy and Edith liked them because they were a vehicle to get ketchup into her mouth. The turkey was SO flavorful and seriously the easiest. I used a boneless breast I found in the frozen section at Aldi and thawed it in the fridge overnight. The next day I prepped the slow cooker - did the rub and placed it in the cooker with the broth - and popped it back in the fridge because I had made soup for dinner that day. Jon started it while I was at work the following day and right before we cut it he popped it in the oven with the potatoes to crisp up the skin. The chorus of angels sang. Elden asked for seconds on the potatoes. Etta threw her potatoes in favor of more turkey. I will DEFINITELY be making this regularly at our house. 

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