Saturday, October 21, 2017


To my sweet, spunky, biggest girl:

Three years ago today you joined our family. Your first year you were pretty serious and skeptical about the outside, but for the past two years we've seen that skepticism grow into fearlessness and joy.

You are so smart, silly and stubborn. Unlike your big brother, we cannot easily bribe you to do something if you do not want to do it. This is both reassuring and frustrating for us.

You greatly prefer dresses over pants. To you, "getting dressed" means putting on a necklace, underwear, and socks. You love make-up and nail polish and jewelry. Never to fit into a category, though, you also love getting dirty, playing with bugs, wrestling with your brother, and doing scary things.

You are so tender to your baby sister and Pip. You love to cuddle with me and usually cry when I leave to go anywhere without you. You absolutely cannot wait to start preschool next year. You thrive in the limelight and love making others laugh.

You have the sweetest heart--I can't tell you how many times Elden has wanted to do something that you didn't, but then you see him upset and you decide that you want him to be happy so you agree to do it with a smile.

My sweet Edith, this world is infinitely better with you in it. Our world is infinitely better with you in it. We love you so.

Happy third birthday.

Mom and Dad

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