Wednesday, November 29, 2017

day of kindness link-up

After reading C's blog about her family's annual Kindness Day, I decided that is a tradition I absolutely want to implement in our family.


When we had our kids dedicated at church, our biggest prayer for them was that they would have a heart like Jesus and consistently go out of their way to love others.


Our big kids have had a horrible case of the gimmes lately. We cannot leave the house without repeated requests for toys or treats. We keep reiterating that they are very lucky to have what they have and they absolutely need nothing else, but I fear it's falling on deaf ears.


Due to all of the above circumstances, I have decided to make December 16th our family's first annual Day of Kindness. I've encouraged other moms in my community to do the same and I am leading the call for any of you reading this blog.

Some acts of kindness ideas:
-picking up litter in your community
-donating a few cans of food to your local food bank
-leaving a lottery ticket scratch off on a gas pump
-paying for the person behind you at Starbucks
-leaving snacks and water for your delivery drivers
-giving $5 gift cards to unsuspecting shoppers at the local Target or grocery store
-bringing cookies to a neighbor - bonus points if it is someone who may be home-bound
-bringing cookies to your local fire or police station
-visiting a nursing home

You could really do anything with it to fit your budget. I am going to sit down with the kids this evening and let them help me come up with the list of what we should do. The day of, I am going to have them be the kindness elves. I am hoping them seeing the joy on other's faces will help it click that it is a lot more enjoyable to do good for others than to serve yourself. Furthermore, implementing this tradition will help soften the Santa blow when the time comes as I fully intend on taking the "you become Santa" approach when the time comes.

Will you join us? On December 16, I will have a link-up where you can share what acts of kindness you will or did participate in and how your kids (if applicable) reacted.


  1. YAY!! I love that you're doing this!!

    1. I seriously couldn't stop thinking about your kindness day all week! I decided instead of waiting for next Thanksgiving to do it in December. Thank you for the idea!

    2. I can't wait to hear (read) about what you did and if the kiddos enjoyed it. My boys get more involved each year and we really look forward to it. :)

  2. We need to do this! We ar win the same boat as you. Trying to get them to understand how blessed they already are and dealing with the gimmes is tough stuff. Count me in!